10 top reasons to buy an Apple



1. Operating system based on open-standard, industrial-strength UNIX
2. World famous user friendly operating system

3. Minimal viruses. No known adware or spyware as yet
4. Support major protocols(TCP/IP, AFP, SMB/CIFS, WebDAV and NFS file services)
5. Supported by major software vendors; Adobe, Macromedia, Microsoft
6. Wireless(IEEE 802.11b), USB, Firewire(IEE1394), Gigabit
7. Digital Entertainment centre: iLife (iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD and GarageBand)
8. Internet Centre (Mail, iChat AV, Safari, Sherlock, Address Book, QuickTime)
9. Everything works seamlessly
10. Look cool with a Mac anytime!

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